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Art Therapy Programs and Assisted Living Facilities

By Heather Brown
June 15, 2015

For those seniors who are living in assisted living communities, art therapy programs are one of the highlights that make the golden years extra special. Among several types of resident activities, art therapy has been proven to be beneficial in limitless ways. Each assisted living community has its own art therapy programs that they run in different ways. There are some things you should know about art therapy programs and how they play a critical role in almost all assisted living communities.

Art is one of those things that anybody could do, potentially, as there are now ways to instruct people how to create art without possessing a natural talent to do so. Most people feel that art is an essential function of being a human being, and there are different spiritual connections for many people to art. Art allows the feeling of freedom, and personal self-expression. It can empower one through beginning to being able to cope with life’s problems at a needed time in life.

Almost everybody who has ever had art therapy has benefited from it in some way. Among the other resident activities, it quickly becomes a favorite for most residents. People with special needs can find unique ways to work through their personal issues through self-expression where no other means would suffice to accomplish this. Because of the many vital components in art therapy, researchers have documented and proven that it can be therapeutic to engage in. In most assisted living communities you’ll find an art department along with special rooms for the art therapy set aside.

Art therapy programs are usually held in conjunction with the rest of the resident activities during the daily routines. Sometimes residents can spend additional time during the day other than just the art therapy session to do artwork in. Individual art therapists are common in many facilities, and usually someone who is quite familiar with art in general will head up the art therapy program. Art is very popular among the seniors, and it is quite an accomplishment to complete something and receive the praise from staff and fellow residents they deserve.

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