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Demand for Assisted Living Facilities Rebounds Following the Pandemic

By Tangram Insurance Services
October 18, 2022

According to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC), the average occupancy rate in assisted living facilities hit a pandemic-era low of 75.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021. This compares to an average of 84.9 percent just before the pandemic began. The good news? As of the second quarter of ...

The Benefits of Virtual Reality for Seniors

By Tangram Insurance Services
September 07, 2022

Virtual reality for seniors is becoming more common in assisted living facilities, not just because the technology is incredible. In fact, it’s a great way to provide an improved living experience for seniors, who are often isolated and have limited mobility.  According to a report by the National Council on Aging, many seniors struggle with ...

Hacks for Improving Balance Through Everyday Activities

By Tangram Insurance Services
August 23, 2022

Balance becomes more challenging for most of us as we age. Normal physical changes, existing injuries, and medications all contribute to the problem. Balance is actually a skill that comes to us comes naturally throughout much of our lives. As we get older, however, it becomes something we need to practice. In part, that’s because ...

How to Talk to Residents with Dementia

By Tangram Insurance Services
August 09, 2022

Dementia in all forms, including Alzheimer’s disease, directly affects our interpersonal communication abilities. Those with dementia struggle to remember basic facts such as the names of loved ones, important dates, and memorable places. Over time, their abilities may be lost altogether as the illness progresses. Misunderstandings between those who have dementia and those are don’t ...

Making Conversation: The Age-Old Art of Asking Interesting Questions

By Tangram Insurance Services
July 26, 2022

Engaging with seniors through meaningful conversation is an important part of their socialization and has been shown to be particularly important for their well-being. It keeps the brain stimulated and healthy and promotes longer lifespans. It has been connected to greater feelings of happiness and life satisfaction. It can aid in the prevention of general ...

Prioritizing Caregiver Well-Being: Strategies for Staff Retention

By Tangram Insurance Services
July 12, 2022

Average staff turnover in assisted living communities is approaching 50% annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics –- and still rising. In addition to the disruption in resident care, the average cost of replacing a lost employee can run as high as 25% of annual compensation. Not surprisingly, many facilities react to the situation by concentrating on ...

On Notice: What Constitutes Pandemic Preparedness in Long Term Care Today

By Tangram Insurance Services
June 14, 2022

Few people were prepared for the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes many assisted living facilities. Thanks to a better understanding of the virus and an effective vaccine, the worst may be behind us. However, it is only a matter of time until the next pandemic strikes. This is the time to assess what went wrong ...

The Assisted Living Bucket List: Helping Residents Find Purpose

By Tangram Insurance Services
May 18, 2022

We’ve all heard the term, “bucket list.” It’s essentially a list of experiences or achievements that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime. Some people may mistakenly believe that once you move to an assisted living community, pursuit  of the bucket list ends. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern assisted ...

How to Use Light Therapy to Positively Impact Mood and Sleep

By Tangram Insurance Services
May 03, 2022

 The amount of sunshine we get throughout the day has a significant impact on both our sleep patterns and our overall mood. Specifically, in the late fall and winter months, seasonal affective disorder has a strong impact on our day-to-day activities. For many, spending more time outside and exercising more often is a good start. ...

How to Talk to Residents and Their Loved Ones About Death and Suffering

By Tangram Insurance Services
April 19, 2022

Death is inevitable. That doesn’t make it less frightening. Many older adults grapple with fears of death and suffering. Family members may also be worried about loved ones. These are very valid, very sensitive concerns, and it’s important for personal care home and assisted living facility staff to know how to broach these issues. Fears ...