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How to Find Benefits for the Elderly

By Heather Brown
September 14, 2015

There are different benefits for the elderly that you can find and many of them are reachable online. If you don’t get the help of the government or an organization, it can be expensive to take care of your elderly relatives. There are various government programs that can help you to get the proper care ...


By Heather Brown
August 31, 2015

In order to provide your residents living in your assisted living facility with the best care it is wise to have all kinds of ways to help keep them healthy and feeling their best. Telemedicine is a useful tool that all clinical heath care facilities need because it helps eliminate distance barriers that can help ...

Medicaid VS Medicare

By Heather Brown
August 07, 2015

Two government-sponsored healthcare programs in the United States of America are Medicaid and Medicare. Both programs differ in several ways, but both help individuals in need of medical assistance when financial means are not there to pay for health care necessities when needed. Depending on your age and current financial situation, you may qualify for ...

The Benefits of Preschools in Nursing Homes

By Heather Brown
June 26, 2015

Who would have ever thought of putting a preschool in an assisted living facility such as a long term nursing home, successfully integrating the old and the very young? Well, a Seattle nursing facility initiated this idea twenty-five years ago and it’s a winner for all involved. The little ones, the elderly, and the facility ...