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Home Safety Checklist for Home Health Care

By Heather Brown
July 20, 2015

We all become so accustomed to the “things” that make our houses homes that we may not realize that that slanting floor in the bathroom or area rug in the bedroom could pose a safety hazard for the aging relatives we love and work so hard to protect.

Using a home safety checklist as you go through each room in your home can help open your eyes to potential hazards that you might not even know you had.

When examining the bedrooms in your home for safety hazards that could impact your seniors, check for the following:

  1. Are throw rugs adequately secured to the floor so they won’t move when they are stepped on? Is the carpeting worn or frayed? If it is, consider having it removed or replaced.
  2. Is the room so cluttered with clothing, books, magazines or furniture that walking is difficult?
  3. Is there a telephone (either a land line or cell phone) within easy reach?
  4. Is there adequate lighting?
  5. Is the bed at the right height so getting in and out is not difficult?
  6. Are carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms nearby,  working and functional?
  7. In the bathroom
  8. Are guard rails near the tub/shower and toilet?
  9. Are there adequate bath mats to prevent slipping while bathing and showering?
  10. Is the toilet at the correct height?
  11. Is the water temperature at a comfortable level, and not too hot or cold?
  12. Are medications stored in a proper manner and in a place where your senior can safely reach them?

In the living room

  1. Is there enough space to move around the furniture?
  2. Is the furniture stable?
  3. Can your senior easily reach the light switch to turn on and off the lights?
  4. Are there any tripping problems that can be caused by area rugs, frayed carpeting or electrical cords?
  5. Is the floor even?

In the kitchen

  1. Are the cabinets at the correct height so your senior can easily reach into them?
  2. Are pathways and counter tops as unobstructed as possible?
  3. Are cleaning products in a secure location?



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