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The Importance of Providing Activities at your Assisted Living Facility

By Jaime Patane
August 24, 2018

Activities are an essential element of the day to day life of an Assisted Living Facility. People need to be able to learn, interact, laugh and have fun no matter where they reside. While doing things like playing cards and board games may be fine for a rainy day, Adult Residential Care Homes can, while considering their resident’s abilities, provide some unconventional activities to engage the residents and encourage them to try something new.

Educational opportunities are a great way to keep the mind active for all residents. Facilities can offer guest speakers, workshops, and classes. Residents may enjoy learning from a local artist or doing a creative writing project with a professor from the local community college. For those that enjoy reading, a book club may help foster interaction and discussion. You can even have care givers or other residents read to each other. Whatever route you take, offering your residents the chance to learn something new will certainly create an atmosphere that encourages growth.

Research has shown that social interaction is crucial to our happiness. Personal Care Homes can offer multiple activities that will allow residents to socialize. Inviting local choirs and drama clubs to perform at the facility not only provides some entertainment, but also creates opportunities for residents to meet someone new. Provide a small refreshment session after the program for a meet and greet. It is also important to encourage family and friends to come and visit with the residents. Residential care Facilities can host gatherings specifically for family and friends to visit such as a tea party or holiday dinner. These events will often allow the residents the chance to introduce their family to other residents and create new bonds.

Another element of our overall well-being is our spiritual health. Assisted Living Facilities can offer the option of taking residents to church services or asking local clergy to visit the residents for a bible study. It may also appeal to some residents to offer some alternative spiritual outlets like meditation, yoga (within physical abilities), and mindfulness training. Please also consider the benefits of simply being outdoors. Although some residents may have mobile limitations, just being in the sunshine and fresh air for a little while each day can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Activities like bird watching and watching the sunset do not require any physicality.

If your Personal Care Home offers a variety of activities, your residents are likely to be more energetic and content. No matter which activities you decide to provide, it is advisable to make sure that you have adequate coverage with your current insurance policy. That way you can enjoy watching your residents smile and laugh with the reassurance that you are covered.

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