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Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

By Heather Brown
May 12, 2017

Mother’s Day is a yearly holiday that recognizes amazing moms by making them the most important person. It is a time of joy and happiness for most moms as they are spoiled and loved by their families a little extra. For Moms in adult care homes, it can be a difficult or sad day because they feel isolated from their family.


It’s not too late to recognize your residents this Mother’s Day or put a smile on their face with some fun activities. Here are four ways to celebrate Moms in your adult care home.


  1. Make a planter.

Invite Moms to make their own planter for display in their rooms or in the house common areas. Purchase clay flower pots, paints, brushes, jewels, soil and flowers ahead of time. Cover your tables with newspaper for easy cleanup. Let Moms paint and decorate the flower pots. After drying, they can plant their flowers and pick a spot to showcase their work.

  1. Host a Mother’s Day Tea.

Encourage family to visit by hosting a Mother’s Day Tea or picnic. Send invites out to family members so they can plan in advance. Provide light refreshments for all to enjoy. The extra time with their family is sure to make any resident smile.

  1. Make them special hats.

Let them show off their Mom status by making special hats, bows, or pins to wear for the day. Your caregiver team can make them for the Moms or have the other residents make them as gifts.

  1. Organize an outing.

Going out to eat is a popular way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Contact local restaurants to schedule a time to take your residents out for the day. Make it special by using tablecloths and real flowers as decorations on the table. Let each Mom take home a flower to remember the occasion.

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