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Worker’s Compensation Insurance

You may think that employees of personal care facilities are in a low-risk environment. But that’s not true.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, personal care facilities and nursing homes have a lost workday illness injury rate (LWDII) that is more than four times higher than mining, construction, and manufacturing!

One of the main reasons for this is because of all the injuries that happen while employees are manually lifting patients. Injuries frequently occur when employees are moving residents to and from bed, helping them bathe and positioning them in chairs.

You have a high risk of these and other work-related injuries happening to your employees and care providers. The average cost of one of these work-related injuries is $36,551.

The question is: how well are you covered?

What Workers Compensation Insurance Covers

Remember, Worker’s Compensation Insurance covers the following:

  • Pays for replacement wages and medical expenses when an employee is injured.
  • If an employee sues you over a work-related injury the policy doesn’t cover, it pays for legal expenses.
  • Complies with state Worker’s Compensation laws.

Without Worker’s Compensation, you stand the risk of high costs in medical and legal bills. Can you afforded to absorb that cost?

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