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5 Marketing Ideas for your Assisted Living or Personal Care Home

By Heather Brown
February 16, 2015

There are a number of ways to begin advertising your personal care or assisted living home. Let’s have a quick review of some of them:


Paid advertisement slots are a good way to generate interest as many individuals investigating assisted living facilities still read the newspaper on a regular basis. The other thing that you could do is talk to your local newspaper and ask them to write an article on your facility.

The News

Call a local news station and have a reporter come out to interview residents and to air the experience on the nightly news. Not only will this garner interest from viewers, but will get the residents excited about living there and they will probably spread the word.

Direct Mail

Send out fliers asking families of residents to spread the word. It’s important to get the family involved. Would you pay for PR? Offer the families an incentive for any referrals that they make.

Kids Activity Day

Invite children to come and participate in an activity day with the residents. One assisted living home in Massachusetts had a Wii Bowling night every week,

Social Media

Does your facility have a Facebook or LinkedIn page? If so, keep it up to date regularly. If you blog on a regular basis, point your blogs at your homepage by including links throughout.

2 Replies to “5 Marketing Ideas for your Assisted Living or Personal Care Home”

  1. hello i am interested in opening a personal care home and had a few questions that would like to get help answered.
    1. how do the clients pay you?
    2. if clients are independent are they allowed to go and come when they want?
    3. if so am i suppose to set curfew hours for them?
    i am currently a therapist and

  2. 1. Assisted living (not a licensed nursing home) is usually paid out of pocket by client or family. Sometimes they are paid by a long term care insurance company.
    2. Depending on the level of independence, clients will visit their own family or friends or do activities such as church attendance, doctor visits, or social events outside assisted living at will. Assisted living facilities should facilitate independence to the extent it is safe. Patients with dementia should have supervision when they leave the facility. Always avoid the situation of imprisoning clients. They have rights.
    3. A facility may have customary hours of operation, however these should be to establish timeframes for routine activities; NOT primarily to control the client. For visits by healthcare personnel such as visiting nurses, reasonable hours may be established but should be somewhat flex in certain situations such as early morning blood draws etc. A facility cannot deny a client access to health care professionals of the clients choice. But the facility staff can request that the routine visits be during certain reasonable business hours.

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