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What to Do If You Have Mold or Think You Do

By Heather Brown
February 18, 2015

Mold inside a home is potentially dangerous. This is especially true if the type of mold growing is black mold. Black mold is a toxin that can cause autoimmune disorders, severe allergic reactions, respiratory failure, mental illness, blood poisoning, severe headaches and the list really goes on. However, all types of mold in the home can cause some sort of health complications. It is wise, if you suspect mold is growing inside your home to find out for sure as soon as possible.

 How can mold be detected? 

The easiest way to determine what kind of mold is growing inside your home, or if any is even growing at all, is by purchasing a mold detecting kit. You can find these types of kits at your local hardware store. Once you have a kit, follow the instructions on the back of the package so you can be sure the kit is used properly. If mold is detected inside your home, it is time to take immediate action to get rid of it.

How should mold be handled? 

No one should ever handle mold. This is especially true when it comes to black mold. You should instead, call a mold removal specialist to come into the home and remove it for you. This might be an expensive procedure, but your health and living space is worth it. After all, a home is supposed to be a comfortable happy safe place to live.

How can mold be prevented from growing inside a home? 

The best way to prevent mold from growing inside a home is to always repair water damage areas. Leaving areas were water is able to seep through can put you at risk for developing mold issues. If a mold issue in your home has just started occurring, you can sprinkle sea salt over it to help kill the spores and stop it from spreading until you are able to get help to remove it properly.

Some End Notes to Keep in Mind 

When it comes to mold in the home, it is not to be messed around with. In severe mold cases where people are exposed to it for long period, serious health disorders can form and so can death. Always test for mold if you suspect it growing and always hire help to get rid of it properly so you know all of it has been removed successfully.


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