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7 Facebook Marketing Tips

By Heather Brown
January 26, 2015

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networks today. Due to this fact, many businesses and non-profits have adopted its use in marketing and selling their products and services. But just how do you market your non-profit on Facebook? Here are 7 Facebook marketing tips to employ.

  1. Define your goals- Success in online marketing  starts with you having clear set goals and objectives. When you have clear goals, you will work to make sure that everything you will be doing on the platform would be for the purposes of accomplishing your set goals.
  2. Build a foundation for your Facebook audience- If   you are first starting out on Facebook, you can send email to the people  in your contact lists asking them to like your page and share it with  friends. This gives your supporters the knowledge that you are on Facebook  and will also offer you a great head start in terms of building your  presence on Facebook.
  3. Try  and show the personality of the organization- As a non-profit, it is vital to make sure you show the human perspective of   your organization. You can post photos of staff members in the office,  volunteer work going on or even share videos of people doing charity and other jobs on the field.
  4. Try  and reach out to people individually- Speaking  out to people directly helps you to effectively grab their attention. They  will be getting notifications whenever you do so and thus your  communication will be much better. This also shows that you value the people in your circles.
  5. Optimize your Facebook posts- If you are posting any  information on your Facebook page, you need to make sure it is well  optimized. For instance, if you want to post a blog link or an article, be  sure that the thumbnail image appears clearly.
  6. Post large images with links in the descriptions- The tiny images that appear when you post a link on your facebook page will  not do much in terms of attracting attention. Rather than having to post a  status update, you can upload a large high quality photo and then include  a link in its description.
  7. Turn on the similar pages suggestions- When a user likes your Facebook page, Facebook might suggest other similar pages. In order for your page to be included in these suggestions, you will have to  edit the settings.

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