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5 Clean Air for Better Breathing Tips for Home Health Care Patients

By Heather Brown
January 23, 2015

When you’re delivering home health care you are pretty well set with the cards you are dealt. But just because you are coming into someone else’s home doesn’t mean that you or they should have to breathe in unhealthy air. Here are 5 tips for home health care with better air.

Mold: One of the worst things for anyone in a home is mold. If you or your patient has got asthma problems and it’s not going away this may be due to longer term mold. Speak with the person in charge about getting that mold taken care of straight away.

Dust: Another pretty serious problem for folks with breathing issues is dust. If the home you’re servicing clients in isn’t well dusted you should take it upon yourself to find someone who can thoroughly and regularly clean down the dust.

Dander: Dust and residue may be caused from or amplified by pet dander. If there is a dog, cat or other furry critter in the home and your patient’s having breathing issues, it may be wise to handle that issue presently. It may be traumatic for a long time pet owner to give away a pet but if it’s the difference between their health and their pet, the choice is clear.

HVAC: Dander and dust can also get inside of the heating ventilation and air conditioning system. If you walk into this house and there are no pets but the breathing is still stodgy you may be wise to call in an HVAC expert to see if they can deduce what is going on.

Fresh Air: Maybe the most obvious thing to consider for folks having breathing issues in their home is for them to get outside and get some fresh air. Even if they are bedridden and can’t make it outdoors it’s still worth it to open up some windows, get fans circulating the air, and get a good cross breeze going.

Of course you could also get fans, ventilators, and air purifiers which are standalone units to use for when you are inside of the house. But the resident should also make sure to take care of these 5 issues if they are having breathing problems. We all need to breathe and when we are inside of our own home this should be the best place in the world for us to breathe the cleanest air around.

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