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Current Infographics

How to us pass method with a Fire Extinguisher

Assisted living Facilities deal with a vulnerable population, making the need to provide proper protection for residents more than the normal standard of care. This infographic will make sure that you are prepared in case of a fire.

Fall Prevention

A fall can be devastating for an elderly person. Their independence is threatened and a short term or permanent impairment of mobility can occur. This infographic will help you in providing a safer environment for your residents and teach your staff how to prevent falls.

Members Only Infographics

  • Pureed Diet Guidelines
  • Pautas de Dieta Pure
  • Safety Tips

    An incident can happen at any time, whether it is a fall, a fire, or just keeping household items properly labeled. This infographic will explain the top 8 safety tips to use in your adult residential care home.

  • Wheelchair Safety Guidelines

    Safety is every adult residential care home’s priority when it comes to their residents in wheelchairs. This infographic will explain the top 6 wheelchair safety guidelines for all facilities.