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The Memory Box Initiative is designed to simplify and authentically communicate the incredible value of the work you do as caregivers while giving resident’s loved ones a rare and precious gift. You are in the important position of spending time with residents, caring for them, hearing their stories and making sure they know they are relevant. You witness moments and memories recounted that may never be duplicated. Memorializing these rare snapshots by taking a minute to write them down and place them in a box designated for the resident will undoubtedly bring tremendous joy and comfort to loved ones after residents have left your care. The Memory Box costs you nothing and is a lasting gift only you can give.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about this exciting new program created and offered by PCH.


PCH Loss Impact Hotline

The PCH Loss Impact Hotline is a new unique and exclusive benefit for PCH Mutual Member Insureds. When an adverse event occurs, PCH members-insureds may now call a central hotline number and get free help from a lawyer practicing in your state. This hotline provides members with immediate access to free confidential legal advice and your information will not be shared.

IMPORTANCE NOTICE: Calling the hotline does not constitute making a claim to PCH. You must follow the regular claim procedures for any incident discussed on the hotline. The hotline also may not be used to fulfill notice or other obligations required by your policy. Additionally, attorneys cannot give you coverage advice on the hotline, that is subject to a careful review by PCH.