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How a Certificate of Insurance Can Help You Manage Risks

By Tangram Insurance Services
August 22, 2023

Since residential care facilities serve vulnerable populations, every activity involves risks. To manage these risks, facilities screen and train employees and carry liability insurance. However, exposures may still exist if third parties are involved. To further protect your facility, you should require a certificate of insurance from every third-party service provider. How Third-Party Providers Can ...

How to Help Your Residents and Their Families Avoid Scams

By Tangram Insurance Services
August 07, 2023

Many of your residents are vulnerable to scams that could drain their bank accounts. According to Consumer Affairs, each year, more than 3.5 million older adults are victims of financial exploitation, costing them more than $3 billion. Knowledge about common scams and red flags can help seniors avoid becoming the next victim. Educate Your Residents ...