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Making Conversation: The Age-Old Art of Asking Interesting Questions

By Tangram Insurance Services
July 26, 2022

Engaging with seniors through meaningful conversation is an important part of their socialization and has been shown to be particularly important for their well-being. It keeps the brain stimulated and healthy and promotes longer lifespans. It has been connected to greater feelings of happiness and life satisfaction. It can aid in the prevention of general ...

Prioritizing Caregiver Well-Being: Strategies for Staff Retention

By Tangram Insurance Services
July 12, 2022

Average staff turnover in assisted living communities is approaching 50% annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics –- and still rising. In addition to the disruption in resident care, the average cost of replacing a lost employee can run as high as 25% of annual compensation. Not surprisingly, many facilities react to the situation by concentrating on ...