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Hacks for Improving Balance Through Everyday Activities

By Tangram Insurance Services
August 23, 2022

Balance becomes more challenging for most of us as we age. Normal physical changes, existing injuries, and medications all contribute to the problem. Balance is actually a skill that comes to us comes naturally throughout much of our lives. As we get older, however, it becomes something we need to practice. In part, that’s because ...

How to Talk to Residents with Dementia

By Tangram Insurance Services
August 09, 2022

Dementia in all forms, including Alzheimer’s disease, directly affects our interpersonal communication abilities. Those with dementia struggle to remember basic facts such as the names of loved ones, important dates, and memorable places. Over time, their abilities may be lost altogether as the illness progresses. Misunderstandings between those who have dementia and those are don’t ...