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How Nurse Triage Could Lower Your Work Comp Insurance Costs

By Tangram Insurance Services
May 23, 2023

The average workers’ compensation claim costs $41,353, according to the National Safety Council. Frequent and severe claims can increase your experience modification factor (Ex-Mod) and drive up your workers’ compensation premiums. A nurse triage service can help you manage your claims and lower your workers’ compensation insurance costs.  Expert Advice When You Need It  How ...

Choosing an Insurance Broker for Your Adult Residential Care Facility

By Tangram Insurance Services
May 02, 2023

Running an adult residential care facility involves risks. You work hard to keep your residents and employees safe – and you need an insurer who will work just as hard to protect your business against losses. When choosing a broker for your adult residential care facility insurance, look for a partner with industry expertise, tailored ...