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By Heather Brown
August 31, 2015

In order to provide your residents living in your assisted living facility with the best care it is wise to have all kinds of ways to help keep them healthy and feeling their best. Telemedicine is a useful tool that all clinical heath care facilities need because it helps eliminate distance barriers that can help ...

Staff Policies And Procedures for Wandering

By Heather Brown
August 28, 2015

Assisted living facilities need to create a happy friendly atmosphere and environment for the residents that live there long term. Not doing so can create wandering behaviors in residents, which can lead to injury or worse death. Having a system in place to help keep track of wandering behavior in residents can also help prevent ...

Impact of Art Therapy Programs in Assisted Living

By Heather Brown
August 21, 2015

For those seniors who are living in assisted living communities, art therapy programs are one of the highlights that make the golden years extra special. Among several types of resident activities, art therapy has been proven to be beneficial in limitless ways. Art programs vary within the assisted living community. There are some things you ...

What Your Family Should Look for When Looking for a Caregiver

By Heather Brown
August 19, 2015

Sometimes love ones become ill or injured unexpectedly. This leaves you hunting for a caregiver to help care for them until they become well again. When searching for the right one there are some things your family needs to look out for before hiring. After all, you want the one you love to receive the best ...

Memory Care in Your Residents

By Heather Brown
August 17, 2015

This rise of assisted living facilities is at the forefront of long-term senior care when it comes to American health. Not far behind, however, is memory care, although the two don’t go hand-in-hand. What is memory care? It’s a specific type of long-term nursing care that caters to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other ...

Heat Exhaustion in Seniors

By Heather Brown
August 14, 2015

If you are a caregiver to an older adult, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and to know the ways to prevent it.  Seniors, people aged 65 years and older, are typically more prone to the stress from extreme temperatures than younger people for a number of reasons. For example: Seniors ...

Tips for Settling Into a New Home for Seniors

By Heather Brown
August 12, 2015

Moving into a new home in general is not easy for everyone. It means having to get use to a new living environment and a new community full of people. Moving for the elderly from their home into an assisted living facility or community living area where daily help occurs often by a professional care ...

How to Cope With the Decision

By Heather Brown
August 10, 2015

When Is an Assisted Living Facility Needed for a Family Member? You may be forced to move your loved ones in a nursing home when a sudden change occurs in their life. This usually means having a severe health problem. Such a move can also happen when the older person has the desire of moving ...

Medicaid VS Medicare

By Heather Brown
August 07, 2015

Two government-sponsored healthcare programs in the United States of America are Medicaid and Medicare. Both programs differ in several ways, but both help individuals in need of medical assistance when financial means are not there to pay for health care necessities when needed. Depending on your age and current financial situation, you may qualify for ...

At What Age Should You be Looking at Insurance?

By Heather Brown
August 05, 2015

As part of a healthy financial plan, insurance is a sound investment at every stage of life. But knowing what insurance to have at what stage is an important factor to consider. It’s also important to remember that everyone’s life situation is different, as are their needs, and the kind of insurance protection that’s needed at ...