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Tips for Settling Into a New Home for Seniors

By Heather Brown
August 12, 2015

Moving into a new home in general is not easy for everyone. It means having to get use to a new living environment and a new community full of people. Moving for the elderly from their home into an assisted living facility or community living area where daily help occurs often by a professional care giving staff can be extremely unsettling for the elderly. Thankfully, there are ways to make the move easier and help your love ones settle into their new home and environment a pleasurable experience.

Never Rush a Move for a Love One

If a love one, needs to be in assistant living do not rush the move. Take time to plan it out with them if possible. Discuss with the family and the love one the best assistant living facility for them and plan a date and appropriate time where you can take the time to help your love one move into their new home. Never pack up their stuff immediately and rush them to a facility. It will cause distress and make them feel unwanted and not cared for.

Toss a Moving Party 

Before your love one goes into their new home always toss them a farewell moving party. It will not only give them a chance to catch up with family and friends, but it will provide them with a chance to talk about the new place they are staying. This will encourage love ones to visit them often so loneliness does not occur.  It will also help the love one feel unconditionally loved.

Help Unpack 

Once you have helped the love one move into their new home always, help them unpack and set things up in a similar way that reminds them of home. Make sure to place pictures of love ones surrounding the new environment and favorite snacks in easy to access locations. Set books they enjoy reading next to their bed or seating area. Make their new home just as homey as their old home.

Introduce them to the Staff and Community Members 

Before even moving a love one, into an assisted living facility it is important to visit with the staff and community members. This makes moving into an assisted living facility or community a lot easier because the elderly knows whom he or she will be seeing on a regular basis and they will not feel like complete strangers.

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