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How to Cope with Living Away From Family

By Heather Brown
June 29, 2015

Living in an assisted living facility can leave you feeling isolated and having a difficult time coping with living away from loving family members. The wonderful news is there are ways you can keep in touch with family living away from them using all kinds of various methods from traditional forms of contact to the ...

The Benefits of Preschools in Nursing Homes

By Heather Brown
June 26, 2015

Who would have ever thought of putting a preschool in an assisted living facility such as a long term nursing home, successfully integrating the old and the very young? Well, a Seattle nursing facility initiated this idea twenty-five years ago and it’s a winner for all involved. The little ones, the elderly, and the facility ...

12 Best Balanced Exercises for Seniors and Elderly to Help Prevent Falls

By Heather Brown
June 24, 2015

We take balance for granted though it is an important part of our lives. As we age our balance declines and as many as 45% of the elderly fall annually. They mainly fall because of: Poor vision Weak legs and hips Poor posture that makes it hard for them to stand erect Drug interaction that ...

How To Improve Organizational Success

By Heather Brown
June 22, 2015

American health among the elderly is of growing concern.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau-by the year 2050, senior citizens will make up 21% of America’s population. The concern is not that people are living longer-the concern is will American health standards be able to meet the growing medical needs of those who will need 24-7 medical attention ...

How to Keep Your Residents Healthy and Safe on a Hot Summer Day

By Heather Brown
June 19, 2015

With the summer heat soon arriving with extra warming temperatures it is wise to keep a close eye on the elderly in your residential facility since high temperatures can cause potential health risks. If you are in need of some heat busting tips to keep your residents health and safety at the forefront on hot summery days ...

10 Tips for the Caring Caregiver

By Heather Brown
June 17, 2015

As a caregiver,  your duty is to make sure your loved one is treated with respect, dignity, and kept safe.  Whether you’re the sole caregiver, or you’re providing care to someone with the help of assisted living, being a caregiver can be an overwhelming position.  Here are some tips to make this meaningful job a ...

Art Therapy Programs and Assisted Living Facilities

By Heather Brown
June 15, 2015

For those seniors who are living in assisted living communities, art therapy programs are one of the highlights that make the golden years extra special. Among several types of resident activities, art therapy has been proven to be beneficial in limitless ways. Each assisted living community has its own art therapy programs that they run ...

How the American Health Care Association (AHCA) expansion of quality improvements in next campaign can help you?

By Heather Brown
June 12, 2015

American health care association is a nonprofit federation state health organization that represents over ten thousands nursing facility. It was established in 1949 and is located in Washington D.C.   The American health care association is expanding the quality of improvement efforts related to its members which started three years ago. The next phase of ...

The Use of Power Strips in Patient Care Areas

By Heather Brown
June 10, 2015

The use of power strips in patient care areas has become widespread. If they are not used in the right way they can result in injuries, fines, and citations. Convenience of power strips is undeniable but the hazards that they prevent in assisted care living facility are less known. Power strips that are misused will ...

Assisted Living Facilites and Field Trips

By Heather Brown
June 08, 2015

As long as you have adequate insurance coverage, you should ABSOLUTELY take your assisted living facilities’ residents on field trips. Changes of scenery may stave off depression and loneliness, improve mobility, and offer cognitive and social stimulation for those in an assisted living facility, adult family home, adult foster home, residential care facility, or personal care home. Activities for residents can be fun ...