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The Use of Power Strips in Patient Care Areas

By Heather Brown
June 10, 2015

The use of power strips in patient care areas has become widespread. If they are not used in the right way they can result in injuries, fines, and citations. Convenience of power strips is undeniable but the hazards that they prevent in assisted care living facility are less known. Power strips that are misused will endanger the life of a patient. There should be strict regulations that should be developed how they should be used and where. When you understand the basics and standards that govern power strips health care centers will benefit from their convenience and encourage safety compliance.

Before using power strips in patient care places, it’s vital that you come up with a policy. Safety of the staff and patient is vital. The right technology should be used for intended purpose and maintained in the right way. Power should be accessible in the assisted care living facility. In most applications, power strips offer effective way to get power. Therefore the power strips will be used in the facility throughout. The management in the facility should take steps to make sure that people who are working follow the right policy and procedures.

The main aim of power strips is distributing electricity but they never regulate flow of power. In the power strips, surge protection is incorporated but it should not be assumed that power strip provides surge protection. Since they are equipped with various types of extension cords they should be used with small appliances. For power strips to work well they must be mounted to electrical equipment like clamps, flanges and movable equipment.

Every category of power strip has a purpose and should not be used for another purpose that is not designed for. Whether you consider that power strips are devices that help to save on cost, then they will be used in patient care areas. Through implementing a strip policy need of power will be achieved without losing sight. Power strips are not the same, when it comes to appearance they differ. There are models which are equipped with a push button which strips when the strip becomes hot for safety purpose.

Power strips help assisted care living facilities in so many ways. This is the reason why most hospitals today have power strips. The benefits that they offer are numerous. Getting power strips today is easy because there are sold in most electronic shops.

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