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Assisted Living Facilites and Field Trips

By Heather Brown
June 08, 2015

As long as you have adequate insurance coverage, you should ABSOLUTELY take your assisted living facilities’ residents on field trips. Changes of scenery may stave off depression and loneliness, improve mobility, and offer cognitive and social stimulation for those in an assisted living facility, adult family home, adult foster home, residential care facility, or personal care home. Activities for residents can be fun and/or educational, so plan out any of these trips that residents of any age or mental or physical ability levels can enjoy:

There may be several separate gardens available at arboretums so residents can choose where they’d like to soak up the fresh air or stretch their legs. They can learn about bulbs and tree varieties. Benches should be in plentiful supply so everyone gets rest (if needed). Some aboretums boast their own gift shops, restaurants, art exhibitions, and/or concert series, so make a day of it! (Tip: Visit a wheelchair-accessible arboretum.)

Who doesn’t mind spending a day watching the comedic antics of monkeys or spying adorable meerkats scampering out of their tunnels? Interactive exhibits will also engage and delight residents. There may be gift stores, restaurants, presentations or shows, and special adult or senior-centered learning programs onsite so everyone can enjoy a trip to the zoo.

Chartered Tours
Sightseeing from a boat or ship may be a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Activities may include watching wildlife, taking photos, dining, tours, or even catching fish. Eco tours will engage intellectual and environmentally-conscious residents. Consider a field trip on a casino boat for those of legal gambling age that love games more than nature.

Seniors may even get a discounted rate. Don’t forget to ask for a group rate when booking trips, too.

However, no matter how diligently you’ve planned activities for residents, accidents may occur on the way to your residents’ destination. Or an unfortunate turn of events during the actual trip could mean that you’ve now got a lawsuit on your hands. Who has the time and money for that? You’ve got more important things to do than get drawn into lengthy, aggravating legal processes. It’s best to proactively choose custom coverage protection for your assisted living facilities to minimize incidents and lawsuits. No gaps means you can let your residents engage in the outdoors and community without you having to over-stress about legal issues.

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