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Adult Day Service

By Heather Brown
July 31, 2015

The purpose of adult day care services is to provide seniors, or those who need assistance, a safe place to get out of the house to socialize and have a change of scenery. It is also to give the primary caregivers an opportunity to take a break from their care-giving in order to attend to ...

: Dementia and Alzheimer’s: Do You Know the Difference?

By Heather Brown
July 29, 2015

Dementia and Alzheimer’s: Do You Know the Difference? Dementia is not a single disease. Rather it includes a number of different conditions with different causes, including Alzheimer’s disease, a shared collection of symptoms common to these disorders, usually in the elderly. Dementia symptoms • Memory problems, especially short term memory loss • Increasing difficulty communicating, finding words • Progressive ...

When Hiring a Home Care Agency, What Should You be Asking?

By Heather Brown
July 27, 2015

The importance of hiring a quality home care agency when you or a loved one needs long-term care can’t be overstated. With so many to choose from, finding the right one will take some research. But experts like the Mayo Clinic say that knowing what to questions to ask during the hiring process can make ...

Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

By Heather Brown
July 24, 2015

Eliminating the word ‘if’ and replacing it with ‘when’ is the first step to acknowledging that we all have an estate and that the inevitable is going to happen.  So avoiding ‘estate planning’ can be a harmful decision when your time comes.  And believe it or not, it won’t affect you a bit!  It will ...

Foods that Reduce the Risk of Dementia

By Heather Brown
July 22, 2015

Eating for optimal brain health is one of the best things that people can do to reduce the risk of dementia.  Maintaining a healthy diet overall will limit the likelihood of developing high blood pressure, clogged arteries, diabetes and other issues that limit the flow of blood to the brain, overwhelm the body and make people ...

Home Safety Checklist for Home Health Care

By Heather Brown
July 20, 2015

We all become so accustomed to the “things” that make our houses homes that we may not realize that that slanting floor in the bathroom or area rug in the bedroom could pose a safety hazard for the aging relatives we love and work so hard to protect. Using a home safety checklist as you ...

The Progression of Dementia and Personality Changes

By Heather Brown
July 17, 2015

The Progression of Dementia and Personality Changes Dementia is a condition that most of us fear, the state of progressive loss of function and abilities. The commonest form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which affects more than 5 million Americans, the vast majority of whom are over age 65. By 2025 there will be more ...

Does Gender Matter in Senior Care

By Heather Brown
July 15, 2015

Differences in gender have certainly been prevalent in the world of senior care, and considering that women outnumber men 7 to 1 in a typical assisted care living facility, it shows that gender does matter. Put simply, men have often been an afterthought when it comes to senior living. Reasons abound, including the fact that men – on ...

Why Does Elder Abuse Occur and How to Prevent it from Happening

By Heather Brown
July 13, 2015

Living in an assisted living facility needs to feel as much like home as possible with lots of care from a loving staff and medicinal assistants who care passionately about the job they do daily taking care of people.  Unfortunately, in some assistance facility, forms of abuse occur to the residents staying there for care ...

Cost of Senior Living Over the Years

By Heather Brown
July 10, 2015

Are you considering a loved one’s transition to an assisted care living facility and trying to plan your future costs? Or, are you already paying for an assisted care living facility and you have a hunch that you’re paying more that you did last year? Well, you’re right! These costs have gone up in recent years. ...