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Why Does Elder Abuse Occur and How to Prevent it from Happening

By Heather Brown
July 13, 2015

Living in an assisted living facility needs to feel as much like home as possible with lots of care from a loving staff and medicinal assistants who care passionately about the job they do daily taking care of people.  Unfortunately, in some assistance facility, forms of abuse occur to the residents staying there for care and many times, it goes on unrecognized. Knowing the signs of elder abuse, and how it starts is essential for knowing how to prevent it in your assisted living facility.

What exactly is assisted living abuse?

Assisted living abuse can be any form of abuse such as physical, sexual or psychological. The abusers are typically those working inside the facility, but sometimes it can be an outsider too such as old friend, family member or even stranger that claims to know the individual living in the facility. This is why having a security system and team in place at an assisted living facility is vital. It is also wise too only allow employees that have had proper background checks before being hirer to work in such a place taking care of other human beings. Having a guest list of appropriate friend and family members for each resident living in your facility can help keep unwanted guest out and dangerous situations from occur. If you suspect abuse is occurring to one of your residents it is crucial you contact law enforcement and human services immediately for assistance in handling the situation properly.

Why does elderly abuse occur in assisted living facilities?

Elderly abuse occurs in assisted living facilities for several reasons, but the most common ones are due to financial matters with a particular resident, poor hygiene habits in an elderly person, or simply because an individual  within or visiting the facility likes control over the weak and elderly who have a difficult time defending against abusers. Sometimes abusers simply cause harm to others for self-pleasure too.

How do you prevent abuse from occurring in assisted living facilities?

Again, you keep an assisted living facility secure by doing background check on employees and having some sort of security system in place that protects your residents. If you suspect abuse occurring to a resident and notice any signs such as unexplained injuries, weight loss or behavioral changes, or unsanitary living conditions it is time to look into the matter and report what is occurring.

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