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Adult Day Service

By Heather Brown
July 31, 2015

The purpose of adult day care services is to provide seniors, or those who need assistance, a safe place to get out of the house to socialize and have a change of scenery. It is also to give the primary caregivers an opportunity to take a break from their care-giving in order to attend to their own activities such as work, personal appointments, or just to rest.

Adult day services provide social and planned programs that are designed for those who are able to participate. They assist the clients with activities of daily living as well as providing nutritious meals. Trained workers also provide seniors with their prescribed medical care. Some adult day care services specialize in working with patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. These clients have special needs, and require the center to hire more specialized employees.

Adult day care services usually operate during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, though some are also available evenings and weekends. They range from private homes to large facilities.

Being in the business of an adult day care is a rewarding and noble profession, though it definitely comes with its own unique set of risks.

An adult day care service should have complete insurance protection in the case of untoward events. Clients of an adult day care are fragile and the potential for falls and other types of risks are high. No one expects accidents, but they do happen, and it is only good business to make sure that your adult day care service is protected.


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