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How to Keep Your Residents Healthy and Safe on a Hot Summer Day

By Heather Brown
June 19, 2015

With the summer heat soon arriving with extra warming temperatures it is wise to keep a close eye on the elderly in your residential facility since high temperatures can cause potential health risks. If you are in need of some heat busting tips to keep your residents health and safety at the forefront on hot summery days the guide below will help.

Residents Heath and Safety on Hot Summer Days 

Provide Air Conditioning and Fans

If you have residents that cannot afford an air conditioner throughout the hottest months of summer it is wise to lend one too them so they can stay cool and safe. If your resident does not like using air conditioning and you know there is a possibility of them suffering for heat related health issues offer them a fan and plenty of cool water. Fans can at least provide a breeze and cool water can help keep them hydrated so they do not suffering from symptoms of heat exhaustion and stroke.

Ensure Seniors are Wearing Light Colored Clothing 

Another way to ensure your residents stay cool in the heat is by making sure they are wearing light cool colored clothing and not sweaters and heavy clothed materials. It is also helpful to make sure they wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen too before heading outdoors to protect their aging sensitive eyes and skin from burning.

Provide a Drink Stand and Popsicles 

An outstanding way to make sure the residents are staying cool and well-hydrated on hot days is to offer cool free beverages such as water and lemonades at a drink stand. Even handing out cool popsicles for them to eat can provide nourishment and keep them well-hydrated so dehydration doesn’t become an issue in your facility.

Plan for Calming Activities

If your facility has pool access plan for calming swimming activities for the senior citizens. Other calming activities to do in air conditioned rooms or in the shade outdoors on hot days are board games and playing cards. Watching movies in the dark is also relaxing entertainment that can keep things cool and calm on a hot summer day.

End Notes to Keep in Mind for Residents Health and Safety 

These are only a handful of ways to keep your residents safe and cool on a hot summer. Keep doing research to learn more ways to keep residents safe.

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