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How to Cope with Living Away From Family

By Heather Brown
June 29, 2015

Living in an assisted living facility can leave you feeling isolated and having a difficult time coping with living away from loving family members. The wonderful news is there are ways you can keep in touch with family living away from them using all kinds of various methods from traditional forms of contact to the new age forms.

1. Keep in Touch with Family through Regular Phone Calls 

Whenever you are feeling lonely, keep in mind that family is only a phone call away, which is especially true with the cell phone technology and the ability to send a message to a love one through texting if you have the pleasure of owning a cell phone yourself. If not pick up the old classic, landline phone and give your love one a shout. It will boost your spirits and help you cope with being away from your loves while receiving the care you need.

2. Video Chat Online with Love Ones

Face to face chats with the use of the internet is the best way to contact and connect with family members when physically being with them is not possible. This is because it gives you the same kind of face-to-face interaction and the ability to see and hear your love ones interacting with you. Most devices such as computers, cell phones, iPads and tablets that have cameras built into them will allow you to download an app or program that will allow you to video chat with love ones often.

3. Write Letters to Family Member

The old fashion way of contacting family members through writing letters is a personal, yet traditionally special way of contacting love ones to let them know you care and how you are doing. You can send a letter through the mail, which people still enjoy receiving, or use the newer traditional method that involves sending an email to a love one through the internet from your own personalized email address.

End Thoughts 

Other methods that work great for coping with living away from family is to surround yourself with photos of your love ones and  plan special family gathering dates with them each month so you are still able to see them regularly. Doing these simple things will help you feel like you are just as close to love ones as you have always been even with being in an assisted living.

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