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How to Cope With the Decision

By Heather Brown
August 10, 2015

When Is an Assisted Living Facility Needed for a Family Member?

You may be forced to move your loved ones in a nursing home when a sudden change occurs in their life. This usually means having a severe health problem. Such a move can also happen when the older person has the desire of moving for personal reasons.

If you have never been in the situation of having to place your loved ones in an assisted living facility, then you probably don’t know what this really involves. People who have been through this already had to face the following:

  • Becoming emotional
  • Having to reach a decision
  • Feeling guilty

Becoming Emotional

Many caregivers become emotional after the person leaves. You can go through a multitude of emotions, feeling sorry that your loved one is leaving. Coping with the emotions is not easy, but you can do it if you try to detach and find something that will keep you distracted.

Having to Reach a Decision

Reaching a decision is hard and many times the caregivers are thinking about it years before the loved one is taken to the facility. They may often ask themselves if the decision they took is right even after the move has been made. Some people promise their older ones that they will never place them into a nursing home. This can be a bad thing when there are no other options than to choose such a facility. Such decisions have to be made and they are normal.

Family Feeling Guilty

The most intense feeling can be the one of guilt. You can feel guilty that you are the one responsible for making the separation. You can cope with the guilt in different ways. An efficient way can be to detach for a while. Understand that you didn’t cause the disease or whatever happened to your loved one and you had to do what is best for the family.

Insurance for Assisted Living Care Facilities

Did you know that you can get insurance for that family member after you take the person into an assisted living care facility? Well, you can and this will protect your elder in case of any accident or anything else that could lead to a lawsuit. With this insurance, you can be more relaxed at home, knowing that your loved one is receiving the proper care and they are insured as well.

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