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Best Ways To Communicate With Your Residents

By Heather Brown
May 25, 2015

Communication is crucial for effective dealing with people especially where they are relatively powerless and require assistance. In places like personal care homes, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, adult foster homes and residential care facilities, where the owners and administrators need to communicate with their residents, communicate with different ways must be employed to get the desired outcome and effective risk management. It is also important to involve the family members of the residents so that they can play a positive role in the care and quality of life of their loved ones.

The best way to communicate with your residents is to schedule regular meetings and dialogues with them and the staff that is involved in their care to effectively resolve the issues that surface. If the family of the resident is out of reach or if the resident is independent and self-sufficient, communicate face to face can help sort out problems easily and effectively. As most residents are physically frail, age related health problems can present a barrier to effective communication.

As an administrator, be aware of their health issues prior to a meeting or a discussion. Be sure to evaluate your surroundings and eliminate any background noise. It is important to articulate your words and speak clearly and maintain eye contact. Use clear and precise questions and sentences and do not be afraid to rephrase or repeat your sentences if you feel that the resident is not be able to develop a clear understanding.


Successful communication tips


Put your concerns in writing

If a serious concern or an issue arises that you believe needs to be addressed and resolved quickly and effectively, putting it into writing is one of the best ways to communicate it to your residents. Sometimes issues addressed verbally can be legitimately forgotten so putting a serious concern into writing can help minimize the risks. If an insurance solution is required, communicate with the family through writing provides a strong proof of urgency and concern.

Use emails for faster communication

If deemed appropriate, using email as a source of communication can effectively speed up the process and potentially speed the resolution of the issue. However, try to regulate your email messages; people do not want spam emails. Sometimes issues can be misinterpreted so it is better to use the old fashioned communicate face to face with the residents and their family members.



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