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Outdoor Activities For Your Residents

By Heather Brown
May 19, 2015

In a highly litigious society, keeping your elderly residents from slips, trips and falls, is of paramount concern.  When the weather is nicer, your residents often want to feel the sun on the face. Your social activities director, nursing staff, as well as the engineering department need to have a fully developed plan for the manner, type and scope of the outdoor activities that will be launched.

Activities for residents that will help bring joy and light to their lives include, but obviously not limited to the following:

Barbecue On the Veranda

An outdoor barbecue is a big hit in any neighborhood and you have your own neighborhood all in one spot.  Secure the area from any dangers that may already exist and make sure security is on hand to keep interlopers from causing mischief and harm.  Invite residents’ families and staff to bring their favorite potato salad and desserts.  Make a list of certain dietary restrictions that could cause harm and have the support of your staff to keep the residents safe.

Pets On Parade

Invite the local pet shelter, pets belonging to extended families of residents and anyone else who wishes to register their pet for Pets on Parade. The judges will be the residents who will line up outside with score sheets and help from the staff.  Invite the local band, choir or a DJ playing hits from the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s to provide the ambience. Your facility can even offer prizes donated by local businesses.  When the residents go back to their homes you can have “gift gavels” which are engraved with the event and the date given as parting gifts.

Drama On Deck

Invite the local drama club or theater group to perform an outdoor “Romeo & Juliet” or “Wild, Wild West” theme on the lawn of the resident’s home.  Encourage the drama or theater team to interact with the residents and encourage your staff to ramp up the fun by applauding, cheering and catcalling as appropriate.  Don’t forget to send a drama member or two through the halls of the home bringing cheer and a little “drama.” as well.

Make sure that all of these activities for residents are properly vetted through security, engineering, dietary and of course nursing before giving the administrative nod.  Let’s be safe and let’s have fun!

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