The Memory Box Initiative is designed to simply and authentically communicate the incredible value of the work you do as caregivers while giving resident’s loved ones a rare and precious gift.

You are in the important position of spending time with residents, caring for them, hearing their stories and making sure they know they are relevant. You witness moments and memories recounted that may never be duplicated.

Memorializing these rare snapshots by taking a minute to write them down and place them in a box designated for the resident will undoubtedly bring tremendous joy and comfort to loved ones after residents have left your care. This is a lasting and treasured gift only you can give.

How it Works:

– When you join PCH or renew your policy, indicate you want to participate in the Memory Box Initiative.

– PCH will send you boxes and cards, free of charge.

– Make a box designated to each resident by writing their name on the box or putting their name on a label and attaching it to the box.

– Place the boxes, cards and pens where they are easily accessible to caregivers, i.e. at a central desk, or a place where they often check-in or gather.

– Explain the Memory Box to caregivers using this 2-minute video.

– Encourage the caregivers to participate by writing down a poignant moment, or a story or memory told by the resident. Remind them this is not something that they must do regularly, it is not time-consuming, the focus is on quality, not quantity.

– When the resident leaves the facility permanently, present the resident’s Memory Box to their loved ones as a gift, and thank them for giving you the privilege of caring for the resident.

The Memory Box Initiative costs you nothing but results in something that is priceless. It serves as a permanent reminder to your residents’ loved ones, and even you and your staff, that your work is extraordinary and meaningful beyond the day-to-day demands.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this exciting new program.