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5 Signs of Alzheimer’s Before Memory Loss

By Heather Brown
March 18, 2015

Alzheimer’s disease occurs is the elderly typically before the age of 65. Knowing the signs, before Alzheimer’s occurs can help with early treatment to help slow down the development of the disease so you or a love one can live as long as possible with as much memory and quality to life as possible. 

1. Personality Change 

One of the common signs that Alzheimer’s could be affecting you or a love one is a personality change. An example would be a friendly love one that is always bubbly and joking, cursing or not laughing as much. Another example would be a love one that is always gregarious suddenly saying inappropriate phrases or making odd accusations with out reason to another person on a regular basis.

2. Poor Executive Functioning 

Another common sign is someone we love or you is having difficultly with daily tasks or making it to appointments on time. Sometimes a love one that use to be a great cook and baker will start having a difficult time following instructions and not be as good at those tasks anymore. Other times you may notice a love one not paying their bills on time anymore, or showing up to work.

3. Poor Vision

Sometime with the onset of early Alzheimer’s visional problems occur and coordination is thrown off causing a person to have trouble driving or walking up stairs. Sometimes visional impairments due to Alzheimer’s causes an individual to see colors and shapes differently than they are, or worse see themselves differently to an extreme where they do not recognize themselves and panic.

4. Lack of Social Interaction 

Sometimes a sign of early Alzheimer’s disease is sometimes experiencing yourself or the ones you love withdrawing from interacting with love ones and friends. This even comes with the memory loss of names and dates of importance.

5. Forgetfulness 

Forgetting to do simple tasks, important dates, name of people or how to do simple chores around the house could be potential signs Alzheimer’s disease is developing. This is especially true if it’s an ongoing thing and simply not due to a lack of sleep.

End Notes 

Knowing these signs of Alzheimer’s can help detect it early so early treatment can begin to help slow down the progression of it. However, these signs and symptoms could also be warning you about another mental illness that is plaguing you or a love one.

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