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8 Questions to Ask New Residents

By Heather Brown
June 16, 2017

Adult residential care homes are a popular solution for individuals who need help with daily activities. These individuals spend time researching available options before they make a choice on which home best suits their needs. As an adult residential care home director, it is also important that you make sure potential residents are a good match for the services you offer. The best time to do that is during the initial meeting with the resident and their family.


Here are eight questions to ask every new resident before they transition to your care.


  1. Why are you seeking care?

Some residents need temporary care after spending time in a rehabilitation center, and others need permanent care. It’s important you know up front how long the individual plans to reside in your care. This gives you insight into particular struggles the resident may be experiencing and why they no longer want to live on their own.

  1. Have you lived in an assisted living setting before?

It is possible that the new resident is coming from another residential care home. If so, ask them why they are leaving the previous home. This helps you understand what might have gone wrong previously and identify any potential red flags on why you can’t meet their care needs.

  1. Are there any medical conditions we need to know about?

Sometimes families need to move loved ones into an assisted living environment because they can no longer care for their needs. To be able to provide the proper care, you need to know these medical conditions up front.  The tendency to fall and Dementia residents require different care plans than individuals who simply no longer want to live alone. If there is a medical condition, ask the individual or their family to provide medical records from doctors or previous homes for you to review.

  1. Do you have any concerns about assisted living care?

Moving to a new home is scary for residents and their family. Knowing their concerns before they move in helps you make the transition easier for them to endure. Take the time to address each and how your assisted living model helps alleviate concerns.

  1. What are your expectations?

Some individuals understand the difference between adult residential care homes and nursing homes while others do not. Hearing their expectations up front tells you if they fully understand what you offer. It gives you a chance to let them know if you can’t meet any expectations, so there are fewer surprises later.

  1. Do you have a power of attorney?

You need to know who to call during an emergency. Make sure new residents provide you with Power of Attorney information in advance. Schedule a meeting with the POA so you can review the care and service plan and answer their questions too.

  1. Do you need transportation to medical appointments?

Not every adult residential care home offers transportation to medical appointments. If new residents need transportation, it is critical to review their options before they transition to your care.

  1. Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies?

To create the right care plan, you need to know what individuals can and cannot eat. Ask for this information up front to avoid any medical emergencies later.


Welcoming a new resident into your adult residential care home is an exciting time for you and the rest of your residents. Make the most of it by asking these questions, in the beginning, to be sure you can provide the quality care they expect.

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