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Finding Reliable Foster Caregivers

By Heather Brown
July 06, 2015

Staffing shortages happen. Let’s face, if you’re in the adult foster care field you have dealt with more than your fair share of staffing issues. Staffing shortages create stress and potentially hazardous conditions for both clients and caregivers. As an administrator, you do your very best to create an environment that helps maintain staff. But, you have to find and hire a good caregiver before you can retain him/her. How do you do that?


  • Remember that a reliable and stable caregiver is the backbone of your company. Whether you’re a non-profit or a for profit company, offering your caregiver the very best benefits you can afford will go a long way in attracting good employees, and helping you keep them.
  • When you review a potential caregiver’s application, be sure they meet the state requirements for the job.
  • Talk to the candidate’s personal references. Ask questions that give you a solid idea about the person’s dependability, and personality.
  • Talk to the candidates job references.
  • Don’t be afraid to require every potential caregiver to submit to drug testing, if it’s legal in your state. It’s worth the added expense to eliminate active drug users from your pool.
  • Actively recruit new caregivers through your local community college and university. These are especially good sources if those colleges offer programs in psychology, teaching, or nursing. Most colleges offer job placement assistance to students and recent graduates.
  • If you have a technical school that offers CNA or other training/certifications as a medical paraprofessional, talk to their placement office about recruiting caregivers through the Student Services office.
  • Offer current employees a referral bonus if they refer a new employee who stays with your company for 1 year.
  • Ask current employees for ideas on how to best reach potential new staff. Caregivers are an important part of your business. Give recruiting new staff the time and energy it deserves.






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