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Making Sure Your Caregivers Are Taken Care Of

By Heather Brown
April 20, 2018

Caregivers positively impact the lives of residents in your care every day by caring for their needs and well-being. It is a rewarding career for many, especially when their employers show appreciation and make them feel cared for. Appreciation and kindness create happy caregivers, which creates a more positive and healthy environment for your residents. When caregivers feel unappreciated or undervalued, they burn out quickly and are more likely to resign in the hopes of finding a better culture somewhere else.

If you are not sure how to appreciate or make your caregivers feel valued, take a look at these tips below:

  • Say thank you often.


Take the time to express your appreciation daily. Caregivers don’t always get the verbal appreciation they deserve from residents and hearing a simple “thank you” will go a long way in making their day better. By showing appreciation consistently, you are also establishing a culture that encourages caregivers to be appreciative of one another.

  • Ask them about their day.


Whether a caregiver looks defeated or on top of the world, taking the time to ask them how they are doing shows you care about their well-being. Be sure to make it a genuine conversation by stopping what you are doing and listen to what they have to say. If they share concerns, do your best to acknowledge and address them promptly to show their voice matters.

  • Invest in education.


Ongoing education is an investment, but it is a necessary expense if you want to create better, stronger, and more knowledgeable caregivers. In addition to trainings to meet regulations, ask caregivers what they would like more training on and plan accordingly. Sometimes, they are too afraid to voice their need for additional education because they may be perceived as inadequate.

  • Respect their personal time.


If they are off the clock on break or at lunch, let them have their time. It may seem harmless to ask a “quick” question, but you are actually telling them the time they earned to recharge is not important.

  • Recognize their efforts.


If they go above and beyond in their day, recognize their efforts with more than a thank you. Be specific in what you appreciate and share the gratitude publicly so their peers can appreciate it as well.

  • Let them take vacation days.


As a residential care home, you have certain staffing needs, and it is best to prepare for this need with proper staffing. Overworking caregivers increases their chances of burn out. If their vacation time is not approved, it will create a feeling of resentment and, if not handled, can cause them to resign leaving you even more understaffed.

  • Offer feedback.


Sharing feedback is a valuable way to show caregivers that you are invested in them for the long-term. Use a non-confrontational approach to offer suggestions, good and bad, on their performance and listen to their thoughts as well.

Caregivers are a pertinent part of your residential care home. Taking steps to make sure they feel cared about and appreciated will decrease employee turnover and increase the quality of care residents receive.

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