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Assisted Living Valentine’s Day Fun

By Heather Brown
February 02, 2015

Assisted living facilities can be amazingly fun places, particularly on holidays like Valentine’s Day. With activities and decorations aplenty, the festivities can start a little early and run for much of the month of February. Nothing beats the cold like the warmth of fellowship and love.


Believe it or not, assisted living facilities are great places to hold a Valentine’s Dance. Not everyone has as much pep in the step as they used to, but that’s no reason not to hold a Sweetheart Dance. You can have residents vote for a King and Queen, set up a dance floor for residents and their significant others, and even have a round robin style dance where the ladies and the gents can find a partner and take a few turns around the floor. This is a perfect time for folks to celebrate the good times and the best relationships in life, both past and present. Carpe diem, after all.

School Participation

Students almost always love to help out, and having a wall or two filled with happy valentines made by young hands can cheer up even the most reluctant Valentine’s Day reveler. Having local schools ask each child to make a valentine only if they want to is even better, since you know they really care enough to do something they don’t have to. This is a great way to bring color and fun to the holiday, particularly when you leave up the valentines for most of the month.

Commemorate Couples

Some relationships really do seem to last forever, but they never feel like they’ve been going on for a long time. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to commemorate couples that have made it work through thick and thin, particularly if they’re both residents of your facility. Everyone can use more positive things in their lives, and there are few things in life that are as positive as a couple that’s kept it going for most of their lives. You can have residents get together and share stories of how they’ve made their relationships work even when things didn’t go perfectly, and you can even have couples’ games where couples compete in trivia, darts, cards and other activities.

Having a great Valentine’s Day is all about making the time special for your residents. With decoration and a lot of remembrance, the time spent together is sure to be very special.


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