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Fire Safety Tips

By Heather Brown
January 29, 2015

Safety in the workplace should be a priority. Having safety meetings once per month is essential for ensuring employees know what to do when an emergency comes up in their environment. One topic that is not discussed enough is fire safety. Knowing how to handle a fire incident properly is important for keeping everyone safe when one does occur. Below is a guide to some of the topics you can discuss during your first fire safety meeting.

Prevention Tips

  • Keeping work      areas clean are essential for preventing fires. This means properly      disposing of flammable substances and materials after you are done with      them. Leaving them hanging around can lead to an unwanted fire, which can      start from a simple spark of fire.
  • Keep all      electrical circuits balanced. Overloading them with electrical devices can      cause them to overheat and start a flame. It is also important to unplug      electrical appliances and devices at the end of each day to ensure      additional safety.
  • Place all      heat producing equipment away from dry walls and anything flammable such      as papers, fabrics and furniture.
  • Keep fire      extinguishers in areas that are easy to access in the work place if in      emergency does occur.
  • Having a      fire safety blanket on hand is also essential because it can help snuff      out a fire on a person.
  • Make sure      every employee knows where the fire exits are. Consider creating a fire      safety map so everyone knows the ins and outs of the building they are      in.
  • Replace      batteries in smoke detectors often and make sure they are placed in      areas where everyone can hear them.

Safety Measures in the Event of a Fire

  • First, call      911 even if you think you can handle the fire yourself. Fires can become      out of control quickly.
  • Evacuate      building in the event of a fire and make sure you close the doors behind      you to prevent smoke inhalation and the rapid spread of fire.
  • If you catch      on fire stop, drop and roll. If an employee, catches on fire tell them to      stop, drop and roll, grab a fire safety blanket and wrap them up with it,      and call 911. Burn injuries are serious and will need medical attention      immediately.

End Notes

Knowing this important information is essential for saving lives and keeping everyone safe in the event of a fire. After all, you can never be too safe while working hard.

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