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PCH Mutual’s New Loss Impact Hotline

By Heather Brown
June 26, 2018

For more than 14 years, Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center (PCALIC, LLC) has been the program manager for PCH Mutual Insurance Company, A RRG. PCH is a unique insurance carrier that specializes in partnering with adult residential care facilities across the United States and continues to seek out ways to offer valuable services to their member-insureds. Their most recent initiative, a loss impact hotline, is one that helps guide you through moments of crisis.

As an assisted living facility, adult family home, or personal care home owner or administrator, residents rely on your care every day. And we know caring for residents is a commitment that brings significant joy to you and your employees. But, there are moments that can cause stress and alarm and leave you with questions about how to handle the incident or what steps you should take next. As advocates for the assisted living industry, we understand that calling your insurance carrier about an incident may cause worry that your insurance premiums will increase as a result. PCH Mutual’s loss impact hotline offers the help you need with no adverse effects to your insurance policy.


How does the loss impact hotline work?

PCH Mutual insureds can now contact an attorney practicing in their state by calling the hotline number for their specific region. As one of our insureds, this service is free to you. Prior to calling, make sure you have your policy number to make the process seamless.


What are the benefits?

This unique offering is something none of PCH Mutual’s competitors are currently offering and provides you with many benefits.

  • Confidential Help

Any information you share on the call is completely confidential and will not be shared with PCH Mutual. This gives you the confidence you need to be completely open about the incident or scenario you need help with.

  • FREE advice

PCH Mutual is offering this as a free service to members. If you have ever contacted an attorney for legal advice, you know their fees add up quickly. But, with the hotline, you don’t have to worry about extra bills.

  • No adverse impacts

Since the information is not shared with PCH Mutual, you don’t have to worry about insurance premiums increasing as a result of the call.

  • Answers when you need them most

Many administrators feel lost and unsure of what to do in the event of an incident. The new loss impact hotline lets you get answers to your questions quickly, so you are better equipped to manage the situation.


When should you call the hotline?

There are many scenarios you may face that a call to the hotline would be beneficial for including:

  • If a resident falls
  • If a resident reports abuse
  • Considering using new resident agreements
  • Considering using a negotiated risk agreement
  • A family makes a lawsuit threat
  • You are cited for serious deficiencies on your state inspection


For a more in-depth list of reasons, please visit the PCALIC website at



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