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Art Therapy Programs and Assisted Living Facilities

By Heather Brown
June 15, 2015

For those seniors who are living in assisted living communities, art therapy programs are one of the highlights that make the golden years extra special. Among several types of resident activities, art therapy has been proven to be beneficial in limitless ways. Each assisted living community has its own art therapy programs that they run ...

Outdoor Activities For Your Residents

By Heather Brown
May 19, 2015

In a highly litigious society, keeping your elderly residents from slips, trips and falls, is of paramount concern.  When the weather is nicer, your residents often want to feel the sun on the face. Your social activities director, nursing staff, as well as the engineering department need to have a fully developed plan for the manner, ...

How Dance Can Effect and Help Your Residents

By Heather Brown
May 15, 2015

No matter if one does it for exercise or sport, dancing is one of the best ways for people of any age to stay fit. Indeed, no matter if you are 5 or 105, dancing is a great activity for the entire family. That being said, for those who have may need help motivating an ...

Music And The Impact It Has On The Elderly

By Heather Brown
May 07, 2015

Music is an activity that uses the entire brain; waltzing in to delight the soul and stimulate the mind. Music has the key to enjoyment that helps the elderly mentally and physically putting it at the top of the list of activities for residents in residential homes. Music Impacts the Elderly Mentally: • Eases anxiety and ...

Valentine’s Day Is Here! Let’s Have Some Fun!

By Heather Brown
February 13, 2015

An important responsibility in any senior care center is finding ways to keep the residents involved in life the way they were years ago. Holidays are the perfect time to encourage their participation because it gives them something to anticipate and it can be a lot of fun. This participation helps to fight depression and ...